Corporate gifting is a company’s way of thanking its clients and employees, at the same time keeping them enthused and thriving. Corporate gifting is a serious business activity aimed at establishing and cementing critical business relationships. Some companies make gifting an integral part of their marketing strategy as it’s a cost-effective way to build and retain business relationships.

Today, corporate gifting can be considered as being an amalgamation of utility and the aesthetic appeal. Giving gifts to associates, clients and employees without having to spend a fortune is something that companies consider crucial to their business.

Most of the corporate gift hampers today will be sweets, juices and dry fruits. Some of the gift hampers may contain expensive statues of the gods and goddesses which all employees might not prefer. Stationery items are also chosen for the gifts by putting the logo of the company on the pens, pencils, this is mostly viewed by the employee as a marketing activity rather than a gift.

The corporate gifts ideas will be different from person to person. Everyone will not have the same idea.

The idea of giving the gifts is that you like to extend the relationship to them.

Corporate Gifting beyond Festivals

Today, corporate gifting spans beyond the mandatory gifts for employees, clients and office staff. From welcoming new associates or employees on board with gifts has now become a trend both in India and Internationally. Today, there are welcome gifts, farewell gifts, corporate gifts for performance, promotional products and gifts, and much more that has become a part of the corporate gifts scenario. This is especially seen in up and coming start-ups and small companies.

What an employee looks forward to receiving a gift?
  1. Most employees would rather prefer non-typical gifts from their employers. So, get creative! Instead of churning out a bulk of official calendars, year diaries or apparel with blatant company insignia, think out of the box. Try to drift away from the mundane gifts that corporate presents are associated with.
  2. Holiday ‘gifts’ that employees often prefer are ‘thank you’ notes or a lavish, fancy holiday party. A thank you note can go a long way in really getting across that gratitude shown by the company towards the employees’ regular diligence and efforts. A party, on the other hand, is a great way to unwind and celebrate after the routine of tedious work for months, right before the holiday season!
  3. Gift Cards can be a great way to give back to your employees without really having to think too much about what to get them. It’s a versatile gift and suitable for people of all ages. They get to pick the presents that they really want- could it get any better? This way, you ensure that the gift is their own choice and something they want and would get definite use out of.
  4. Personalized Gifts are a great idea for gifting. Whether you got bottles printed with the employee’s name, journals made especially for them, unique products that are customized or tailor-made to their preference, it lends a really personal feel to the gift and makes your employee feel immensely values.
  5. A better workspace is something any employee would love to have. After all, there is an increasing chunk of hard-working people who spend more of their hours awake in the office rather than in their homes. Is it not highly important to make sure that their workspace is as comfortable and welcoming as it could get? With a little renovation here and there along with making the whole environment of the office warmer and more hospitable can do wonders in making your employees feel more looked after.