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Providing you with customised healthcare solutions to suit you or your organisations need. A network of more than 10000+ medical services to help you recieve the best possible care.

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10000+ Doctors, Pharmacy, Diagnostic Centres, Hospitals, Ambulance, Blood Banks.

Preventive Health
Customised preventive check up as per your age, gender, industry, etc.

Convenience Based
Everyone is covered. Experience the best of home based medicare.

Innovative Healthcare
Our out of the box solutions dont follow the conventional healthcare protocols, we constantly keep updating the current system to improvise healthcare outcomes.

Technology that cares
All this effort is suplmeneted by inhouse technology which collaborates all the data to identify data models and patterns which can predict healthcare outcomes.

Our mission is to raise the long-term health status of our community by providing personalized, quality care with compassion, dignity, and respect. Our healthcare solutions are mapped to the real problems which India faces.

Vision – Better Healthcare Experience
If every other industry can provide great levels of service and satisfaction, why not Healthcare. It’s simple for us – Healthcare has to be more human.


A mobile app which co-relates the available medical services like physicians, hospital services, medication assistance, and maximizes existing resources and enhances coordination among service providers enabling patients to receive timely and appropriate care.

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Preventive Healthcare
A preventive check-up is one area of healthcare in which companies/organizations can exercise more responsibility and control.

Getting regular screening tests is a simple yet effective first step needed to identify health risks and take preventive measures before they become serious problems.

Heatlh @ Home
Convenience base healthcare services.

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Over 2 million children under the age of 5 die and around 1 million face disability for life every year in India. Vacciminder will generate personalized vaccination charts for your children.

Blood Search
Giving blood is simple and it saves lives. Our GEOSPATIAL technology helps you search the nearest blood donor in real time. It’s groundbreaking how technology can really be used in an emergency.