Children in India are the most vulnerable to diseases that calls for a very strong and multi-pronged approach to address the issue.

Childhood and adolescence form the most joyful period of an individual’s life. They are times of immense creative energy, self-discovery and exploration of the world. They can also be fraught with feelings of isolation, loneliness and confusion. They can be due to various factors relating to the physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual well being of the younger generation. Schools, families and communities need to play a positive and responsible role in bringing up young children in a healthy environment which would enable each one to maximize their potential.

As per available estimates, 10% children are affected by developmental delays leading to disabilities.

Schools can be dynamic settings for promoting health, for enabling children to grow and mature into healthy adults. Yet the potential of the school to enhance health is often underutilized. `School Health’ has largely remained confined to medial check-ups of children or some hours of health instruction in the curriculum. There is a growing recognition that the health and psycho-social well-being of children and youth is of fundamental value and the schools can provide a strategic means of improving children’s health, self-esteem, life skills and behaviour. Although schools have undertaken many initiatives in promoting school health, the comprehensiveness and sustainability in these initiatives is not clearly laid out. The need of the hour is a comprehensive school health policy integrated within the school system.


Our Customized Health Program for the school consists of:

  • Management of Medical Clinic
  • Detailed Medical Check-up of Students (yearly/half yearly)
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • Training Session for Teaching/Non-Teaching Staff & Educational Seminars for Children/Parent.

Importance of Medical Checkup

  • Access normal development of the child.
  • Keep track of immunization schedule.
  • Early detection of diseases/abnormalities, which can be treated on time and helps the child to live a normal life.
  • Improve student performance
  • Receive timely health instruction for each student
  • Help Parents to treat their children’s health with urgency and also help teachers to monitor their health.

Benefits of the program to the School:

  • Early Diagnosis
  • Reduced Cost
  • Low Absenteeism
  • Happy Child And Parents
  • Healthy Institute

With our initiative – ‘AYUSH’ we want to spread awareness on how vital health care is even for children. Schools play a pivotal role in every child’s life, and being healthy is essential to the overall development of the child.

We would be happy to facilitate an optimum healthcare strategy with the school to together build a strong future of the nation.