As per the Factory Act 1948, it is mandatory to conduct a comprehensive medical checkup of the factory and industrial workers. We are tied up with government authorized (Directorate Industrial Safety & Health, Govt. of Maharashtra) and with the added advantage of the mobile unit fully equipped to conduct the medical examination at your premises. The reports will be provided in soft copy to the administration along with Form 7 Health Register as specified by Govt. of Maharashtra, which could be subsequently produced to Factory Inspector during inspection and renewal of Factory License. Medical Examination of all workers by Certifying surgeon is a Statutory provision Under Rule 18 – A of the Maharashtra Factories Rules 1963.

History & General Physical Examination
  1. Surgical Checkup
  2. Medical Checkup – BMI, BP
  3. Dermatological (Skin Checkup)
  4. Vision (Eye) Far, Near & Colour
Pathological Test
  1. Complete Blood Cell Count
  2. Blood Group with Rh Factor
  3. Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  4. Random Blood Sugar
  5. Urine Routine
  6. Blood Test SGPT for Liver Function Tests to rule out jaundice
  7. Blood Test Widal to rule out typhoid
  8. Serum Creatinine Test – To assess kidney functions
Other Test
  1. C.G. (for Above 40 yrs.)
  2. Height & Weight
  3. Pulmonary Function Test
  4. Audiometry

As per FSSAI rules, vaccination must be given to cover infectious & communicable diseases, therefore, following injections are required to be given to every worker.

  1. Typhoid – Once every year
  2. TT – Once every 6 months
  3. Hepatitis B – Set of 3 injections at an interval of 0, 1, 6 months every 3 years
Additional Tests
  1. X-ray – Once in 3 years (Required as per US- FDA)
Other Benefits
  1. Health report
  2. Health Summary of Company Health in Excel Format with the inference of Company Health Quotient
  3. Any additional tests done by an employee will be subjected to claim deduction under section 80D of Income-tax Act, 1961 for a preventive health check-up. The aggregate amount you can claim a deduction in a year is Rs. 5,000.
  4. The health check-up could be done for either the individual or her family, including parents, spouse, and children.