In today’s fast-paced lives & high stress environment’s, we usually forget to realize & give importance to the most valuable asset – Our Health.

Health care is more complex today and more is expected of us in determining how and when to access care. The project health will help you become more proactive by making the most of office visits, being aware of preventive care services, how to access quality health information and more. Save time and money by making the most of healthcare today!

A preventive check-up is one area of healthcare in which companies/organizations can exercise more responsibility and control. Getting regular screening tests is a simple yet effective first step needed to identify health risks and take preventive measures before they become serious problems.

Why Choose The Project Health?

  1. Consistently high participation.
  2. Experienced staff: our team is focused on making each participant’s experience comfortable, educational and assured they understand the next steps.
  3. Event planning: a coordinator will work with you to establish a timeline, communication plan and scheduling options. We do as much as we can behind the scenes, so you don’t have to.
  4. Immediate feedback: confidential and compliant, participants receive a brochure with their results which our staff walk them through.
  5. Health Awareness Campaigns; Topics include:
    1. Managing Your Blood Pressure,
    2. Weight Control,
    3. Managing Cholesterol,
    4. Managing Blood
    5. Glucose and
    6. Tobacco Cessation.
  6. Satisfaction Survey: at the end of the screening each participant completes a short four question survey from which we compile an Aggregate Report and send to you within 10 days.
  7. Screening Summary Report: if a health assessment tool is not used, we will aggregate the screening data and send a comprehensive report to help determine the company’s wellness priorities.
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