Most organizations, in India and abroad, who care about their employees, their health, their happiness, and their finances, have mingled corporate wellness program in their culture to such an extent that the question “why corporate wellness programs?” seems old and perhaps no longer a question also. The new question that is buzzing into the corporate atmosphere, especially in the Human Resources department is “How to conduct corporate wellness programs for getting the maximum benefit out of it?”. The transition of “why” to “how” speaks volume about the effectiveness of corporate wellness programs and in fact, corporate wellness programs began to categorize themselves as a powerful tool for companies to attract and retain best brains of the industry.

A 2018 report of Deloitte revealed that almost two-thirds of organizations have categorically stated that wellness programs are a part of their organizational culture.

Time and again, it has been proved that “Prevention is better than Cure”, and the same statement tends to be the basic premise of all the corporate wellness programs. When we talk about prevention, we mean holistic prevention, which includes taking care of both physical and psychological health.

In our effort to seek holistic prevention, nothing can beat the benefits of yoga. This is because yoga aims to sustain the mind-body balance. Yoga is a time-tested system which has its roots deep inside the Indian culture and begun to spread its fruits all-over the world. It is a powerful practice that spreads vibrant energy all over the body making the person physically and mentally fit.


Unlike general belief, yoga, especially corporate wellness yoga, is not about doing tough exercises in a large room, requiring a lot of time. You don’t require yoga mats, a conference room or a lunchroom for that matter, yoga can happen at your desktop or any office chair.

 Micro exercises for every part of the body benefits a body, can be done standing in office clothes. These exercises are suitable for all industries where there is no dedicated space available for doing Yoga since these exercises can be done standing near the desktop.

  • Total 48 kriyas which can be done standing
  • The session can be done in office clothes

Chair Yoga is a form of group exercises that are simplest and gentle movement best suited for people in office or people with limited mobility so that they can be done while seated in a chair.

Chair Yoga is suitable for all kind of industries where people sit on the chair for long doing office work or working on computers.


Celebrate yoga day, spare an hour to make your employees feel healthy.

A seminar/workshop which will take them through a few simple asanas to make them feel recharged in the office seat.

It’s affordable, It’s worth it! Rather you are worth it 🙂